What I remember

The things I could remember are the gigantic robot in wich three vehicels could dock, acompanied by Michael jackson beat it or Axel F, and the weapons the robot summoned like a huge battle axe. The bad guys i remember are the one with the rose(or a glas of red wine) and one with a black bird on his shoulder, i know my memories of this series can be deformed by time so I'm very curious in seing some of the series again. An orphin boy acompanied by a robot, who lived at the base station with a bold guy, and huge battle fleets floating in space attacking our hero robot. The scene I remember most is when the youg boy enters a room in wich he is elevated and hears a voice from within a core of something, there was also a scene i remember in wich someone gets shot by a squadron of skullheads but I'm not sure if it's the same series(this is the scene in wich dr. Shegal rescues Nathan after his father died).