Storyline 3

" Sengoku Majin GoShogun " ( Fiend of Warring States: GoShogun )
(1981)(ed. yet another translation of Sengoku Majin ?)
The story is about a team that consists of two male pilots, one female pilot, wich is the "Good Thunder" team. The characters are:
On the base there are doctor Terry Sabaras(and yes he is bold),
and a young boy accompanied by a robot called OVA. And his father Senada Kenta.

The story is as follows, a meteor strike enables kenta to teleport things with an energy source called Bimler.
Kenta's wife dies.(nice plot!, I think I remember a scene wher the young boy sees Dark Star's Skullheaded troops kill his mother.) And Kenta sacrifices himself so Dark Star won't get his hands on some documents about some vessel plans Kenta has developped.

The three pilots each have a different fighter jet, wich can link to a bigger robot, the woman and one of the guys get inside the legs whilst the other goes inside the chest of the robot. when everything is secured, the big X on the robots chest iluminates(great for a robot-toy).
This is the Goshogun Robot ^_^ The main purpose for this robot is to defend the vessel Kenta developped(probably together with doctor sabaras) when it gets ready for teleportation(It probably gets very weak because teleportation will eat up a lot of energy). Ofcourse the bad guys know this so every time there is a battle when the vessel tries to teleport.