Storyline 2

This story was a very different story then the one I allready found on the net, I've eddited it a lot and tried to put things in the right order.
I think I have seen all episode's of this series, but for me this story brings back the most clear memories I have about Goshogun, probably because it is the ending of the series.

The story of Sengoku Majin Go Shogun

It all begins when a meteor strikes the earth(First Impact). meteor brings with it a new source of energywich is called Beamler. A research team led by Kenta investigates the impact site. A robot is created using this source of energy. This is the Goshogun(Adam?)

The Goshogun robot, based at Good Thunder, comes in action whenever the evil NeoNeros tries to get his hands on the beamler energy source. The Goshogun robot, is the docking place for three jets so the robot and the jets can combine their forces. The three jets can also combine into a robot but this one is rarely used because of it's weakness.

In the end of the story, a final Battle is fought against NeoNeros and his affiliates, wich ofcourse is won by the Goshogun-team. The robot is then taken back by kenta into space.