Storyline 1

Released: 1985; TV episodes
[1981; 26 TV episodes] (Go-Shogun),
[1983-'84; 53 TV episodes] (Srungle)
Company: Saban/Tamerline Publishing/Orbis
source:Absolute Anime!(altered)

The year is 2545 A.D. a testpilot named David Jance, was hurled into a parallel universe by a misguided teleportation experiment wich hurled Dark Star, leader of a terrorist cyborg-dominated army known as GRIP, into our universe.
The story evolves around the battles between the forces of Darkstar - wich included the dandy Prince Maharn, the space pirate Dr. Blade, a Nazi-like mad scientist, and numerous skullheaded cyborgwarriors - and the rebellious David Jance and his crew of teenagers and mutants, who flew on behalf of the parallel world's heoic Beta Command.

Macron One was a HUGE flying space robot, wich was formed whenever the Beta Command combined its energy and weaponry with the Flying Macstar to fight the villains.

The most awkward about the series is the choice of music. Wich containd Top 40 tunes like 'Beat It'.