Star Wars Comparison

in One of my resources there is made a comparisson with Star Wars, and it is said that a lot of things are inspired by Star Wars, this isn't neccesarilly true.
Star Wars itself is based on Samourai stories, and has a lot of things that can be recognized(Darth Vaders Samourai-like Costume, the lightsabers and the meditation-like force training)
It could be Goshogun is based on Star Wars but it could also be that Star Wars and Goshogun are based on the same resources of samourai stories.
But there is a scene in the series of Macron One that looks very very very very much like the bespin escape and even Jason looks a lot like Han Solo. Later in the series I even spotted a stormtrooper apearing for two seconds at the side of the screen ^_^
The Skelletrons look a lot like Biker Scouts and so on..
So it's really obvious that a lot of the series is based on Star Wars. Maybe the new Star Wars movies are based on Goshogun who knows..(not)

I'm still looking for stories that are simmilar to Star Wars and Goshogun, allthough I need not to say that it is obvious that when you have two things based on the same resource the similarities between those two are going to be very clear to see.

There are a lot of things both have in common, such as the rebellions, but try to make a story about a war without rebellions. There is a creature in Macron One that looks a lot like Chewbacca. In both the evil forces are led by an emperor with huge armies of obiedient soldiers, following every order for the sake of their empire.

The breaking the code of honor and the lure of the Darkside is a very big thing in both samourai stories and Star Wars, though my knowledge on goshogun isn't sufficient to add some remarks here about honor.

Fairy Tales

In a japanese fairytale I know, a young hero goes accompanied by a dog, a monkey and a bird, on his way to end the terror of demons, by destroying everything alive in the Demons castle. Translated to Star Wars this story includes Han Solo(the young hero) Chewbacca(the dog), Luke Skywalker(the monkey) and Princess Leia(the bird) who are out to destroy the evil dark forces(the demons) that terrorize different planets with their Death Star.