Macron One

This is the story from the series of Macron One, I have used the names as they appear in the english version.

Main Story

There is a meteor impact in Russian Siberia. 20 years later dr. william Bridger does some research at that impact site and takes with him a sample of the meteor. When investigating the sample he discovers it is capable of teleporating itself from one place to another. Further studies reveal that the meteor fragment is connected somehow with the knowledge and power of the whole universe. Dr. Bridger finds a way to use the power. He and dr. shagal create a teleportation device wich they call Macron base and use the power to drive the vehicels and robot Macstar. Dr. Bridger has to eliminate himself so the people from Grip(a conspiracy of bad guys) won't get their hands on the power. Dr. Bridgers son Nathan is now an orphan; his mother died before the story began. He already had a gaurdian robot called ND2 whos job it is to teach and look after Nathan and know that his father is no more he has full responsibillity over Nathan. Nathan becomes a part of the Macron One team. The Macron One team consists of the three fighter pilots of the Macstar, dr Shagal and a computer brain programmed by dr. Bridger called Hugo.

The Bad Guys

The bad guys are led by Dark Star, he wants to rule the entire Universe. He has got great powers and endeless resources(so it seems) but he is always out to gain more power and exploiting the earth and its inhabitants. Dark Star's minnions are Captain Blade, Prince Eharn, Jahro Dahn and dr. Fritz. There is also Clarence a green robot but his only purpose is being the scape goat. Dark Star knows a lot of the powers that Nathan posseses. His goal is getting hold of the power himself so nothing can stop him from ruling as the emperor of the Universe.

The End

But in the end Nathan who has the power to telepathicly communicate with every machine in the world including Dark Stars robots, computers and vehicels, turns Dark Stars troops against him. Nathan has levitated to another level of being and therefore can not stay with the Macron team. He takes the giant robot Macstar with him into the yet unknow places of the Universe.