Goshogun: the time etranger

this is a movie about the goshogun team, it doesn't feature the robot, it's more a dramatic-psychological story of Remy Shimada. The story goes that Remy, who has retired from the goshogun team forty years ago(she must be old then), ends up in the hospital after bumping into a hovercarchase of bankrobbers and cops on her way to meet her old colleagues. We now follow a story wich Remy, now lying in a hospital bed, recalls in some flashbacks. It reveales segments of a time when the Goshogun team was trapped in a city of fanatic religious people who foretold the team members death within a few days. I haven't seen it yet, but when I do, I'll update this story to my own findings.

I've found several different resources with
somewhat diffrent stories, I will try to figure
it out, but if you could tell me more please mail