Most of the characters have two names. In the English dub version the music and characternames were changed as well as the series titel, the French and Italien version (Fulgutur,Gotriniton) probably have different names as well.

Dr.Sanada Kenta - Dr. william Bridger ...Nathan's father

dr. Sabalas - dr. Shegal ...the bold doctor

Hojo Shingo - Jason Templer ...male pilot
Remy Shimada - Kathy Jameson ...the female pilot
Kiri Gagurey - Scott Cutter ...blonde male pilot

Nathan Bridger ...the little orphin boy

ND2 ...the orange baby sitting robot

NeoNeros - Dark Star ...the boss bad-guy

Redinard Medich Bundle - Prince Eharn ...the dandy prince
Yattar ra Kerunaguru - Jahro Dahn dumb but strong bad guy
Suugu ni Kattunaru - Captain Blade ...the pirate with the crow on his shoulder
dr. Fritz ...a scientist with a very obvious German accent

Clarence ...the green robot that is beaten up by Jahro Dahn

Skeletrons ...the skeleton robots

Manetroids ...the headless robots