august 2009

Found a metal version of Hashin Seyo
A bit short, it's from the Animetal Marathon par IV
Animetal - Animetal Marathon IV - 05 - GoShogun Takes Off.mp3

august 2009

not much going on here
besides the redesign and an added page of toys(wich is quite sumier, but has a nice link!
it is nice to notice some visitors coming by now and then, not as much as it used to be, but hey, it isn't the only resource anymore ^_^

januari 2009

Put the site back online!!
Will add some new stuff and maybe a little redesign, standard screen resolution has changed the past seven years!

Sui yobi october 16 2002

Uploaded more fanart pictures by Bas.
Did some small changes in the setup, nothing spectacular.
Also changed the script of the picture page, just on the inside.

Kin yobi august 30 2002

Uploaded a fanart picture by Bas, he is working on more
Also added some more movies at the media page!!!

Getsu yobi august 26 2002

Uploaded all my pictures
so all are available again, will upload more this week/next weekend!!

Ka yobi august 13 2002

just an announcement.
will have my PC online this weekend,
so will try to upload some stuff then.

Sui yobi July 31 2002

Site has been quite crap lately, sorry for that.
Have a new web account to fit my needs so expect the pictures pages up and running very soon, will have space for some movies too.
Am making an AMV featuring goshogun
for the upcoming dutch anime-con music is the offspring's "smash it up".
Sneak peak at what might be new goshogun flash site.

Sui yobi sep 26 2001

rebuild the sites layout and added some more crap site at the moment!!!!
to make it up a little here's a download of the goshogun/gotriniton opening goshogun_op.avi...6.166KB (not available through this link anymore)
It was available from another site might still be.. hope you like it
Let me know what you think!

Sui yobi yobi sep 26 2001

rebuild the sites layout and added some more pictures and stuff.
Am still busy uploading them
Old references on this page might not work anymore. Please use the new navigation at the top.
Let me know what you think!

nichi yobi apr 8 2001

put new wav from the mixed up series
with the two parallel universes fighting GRIP
wich is the same tune as the other one but
with another voice over.
And finally put the midi online.
All to be found on the media page

getsu yobi feb 5 2001

Updated the lay-out
put the pictures and sounds
together on the media page
will add new stuff soon!!!

kin yobi jun 16 2000

added 8 new pictures
in thumbnail gallery 5
added three movies at the picindex

moku yobi jun 1 2000

got some e-mails about broken links,
so I decided to move the site to
another location. Also received a
lot of new stuff including some
movie files, thanks to all who helped

do yobi apr 8 2000

not much to see, just compressed
the graphics to decrease loading time
added some new graphics

moku yobi dec 30 1999

updated the sounds page
so enjoy the new MP3's
and take a look at the
winamp skin

sui yobi dec 29 1999

Finally the big update
had some problems with uploading
but that's all over now I have cable ^_^
added some pictures, new MP3's and
changed the whole look of the site.

getsu yobi Jan 25 1999

Added some pictures at the chara page.
Plus some additional info on some of the
characters, still have to watch the series
a few times to get better chara descriptions.

kin yobi Jan 22 1999

Changed the mail address due to the
fact I'm going back to school -_-"

sui yobi Jan 6 1999

Put a new story line on the story line page
It tells the main line of the Macron One series.
maybe in the future I will add some episode
summaries of the Macron One Series.

ka yobi Jan 5 1999

13 new pictures at the Picture Index..
It are screen captures of the series as
it was broadcasted on Super Channel(see
right top corner of the pictures)
added a bit of additional info at the
Star Wars comparison on the story page.

getsu yobi Jan 4 1999

New pictures at the Picture Index..
It are screen captures of the series as
it was broadcasted on Super Channel(see
right top corner of the pictures)
going to try to add some movie clips
soon, if I can manage to maintain an
internet connection after February..

sui yobi Dec 23 1998

tenno tanjobi - Emperors birthday

Have put some more info at the charac page.
Haven't had the time to get some pictures
from the tapes i got.. did watch some of
the first episodes. The music isn't that
good and i don't know how much editing
Haim Saban and consortium have done to it..

sui yobi Dec 16 1998

Got some pictures of a soundtrack CD
from Andreas, redesigned the chara page a bit
page a bit with the help of Roland..
going to capture some sounds and visions
next week so check back then..

sui yobi Dec 9 1998

Put a story line of the AOV
Goshogun: The Time Etranger
at the Go story page

sui yobi Dec 2 1998

I've updated the SD picture of myself ^_^
Go see !!!

kin yobi Nov 27 1998

changed the layout through the rest of the
site, still have to do some story and chara
pages, but it looks better already ^_^
mail to me if you have any remarks or info
wich you think could be a great addition to
this page..

moku yobi Nov 26 1998

Changed the colors, and am still trying things
for the main page ^_^
going to buy some tapes to copy the
series so hang on for a while and check
this page for the major update with a
movie section added and much more pics
additional information and sound samples..

sui yobi Nov 25 1998

Added two characters at the character page,
still have to make a good description tho..
will try to alter the menu, if it's successsfull
else there will be no change..
busy with the songtext of the title song..
Major Change in the mainpage and put the menu
on the bottomline.. ^_^

kin yobi Nov 20 1998

Got four new pictures from Roland de Herder
so check out the picture index..

getsu yobi Nov 16 1998

Got a mail from someone who told me
he has got some of the series on tape ^_^
so expect some interesting things to happen soon..
I haven't been able to update my site for the
last two weeks, though no major changes have
occurred.. just updated the links and other
insignificant stuff

kin yobi Oct 30 1998

Changed the backgroundcolor
Disposed of the seiyu section
Due to lack of knowledge, will
be back someday..

ka yobi Oct 27 1998 second update ^_^

from NeoNeros check out chara page !!!

ka yobi Oct 27 1998

Been surfing the Japanese web ocean
again, posted some messages on some
message boards and still waiting -_-.zZ
Expectations are poor though,
the next major update will be in a complete
understandable story line combining all
my knowledge into one, Go Story ^_^
I've put my hopes on the Dutch Con
in February, till then enjoy the site
the way it is and please mail me someday
to discus this series or whatsoever.

kin yobi Oct 23 1998

Been surfing the Japanese web ocean
trying to find more info, and
a Kanji converter for UNIX.
No luck yet, have a nice weekend ^_^

moku yobi Oct 22 1998

Edited the story pages, they are a lot
more understandable now ^_^
Added a comparison of Neon Genesis Evangelion
with stunning similarities in the stories beginning

ka yobi Oct 20 1998

The links in the link page are _top'd
Found out in France this series is called
Fulgutur so I'm searching there O_o
but no success yet.

getsu yobi Oct 19 1998

Put the menu into a top frame.
added structure in directories
Volta the cat is my favourite pet.
added some additional info at the
Star Wars comparison.

kin yobi Oct 16 1998

Always adding new links almost every day
check out the coolest places ^_-
Added some anime related pictures
still have to alter the stories

moku yobi Oct 15 1998 [second update]

Finished the base of the story-line page
will edit and alter some story info later.
will write more about Star Wars comparison
new characters will be added

moku yobi Oct 15 1998

going to add some structure into the story line page,
expected to be ready today or tomorrow.

sui yobi Oct 14 1998 [second update]

Put two pictures in the picture index

added some interesting links

sui yobi Oct 14 1998

Reversed the site info FIFO-style.

Changed the link colors.
will try to add some other interesting links today.

ka yobi Oct 13

Altered the link page.
Put a selfmade sumo animated gif in the picture index.
Next step is probably the storyline.

getsu yobi Oct 12 1998

Added two links and some info about Star Wars
and this info page.
Got 28 hit since last Friday(17 today)
found a bug in mail links so mail me ^_^

kin yobi Oct 9 1998

It went online !!!
remy shimada


Welcome to the no1 Goshogun fansite.


Busy updating website, check back realy soon!
more news...


thumb of image1thumb of image 2thumb of image 3thumb of image 4thumb of image 5 more images..



thumb of jason thumb of kathy thumb scott thumb of prince eharn thumb of jahrodan thumb of captain blade more..


story of Macron One
what I remember
Goshogun:The Time Etranger (AOV)
Comaprison to Star Wars
Neon Genesis Evangelion similarities
more story related items..


Click here to view some fanmade material. If you have fanart yourself and want it published here, feel free to mail me anytime!
- fanmade AMV(though youtube messed up the music)


opening avi 6.166KB
opening wmv 8.658KB
ending wmv 4.769KB
Time1.avi 769KB
ScreenSaver goshogun screensaver(576k)
more media items..



new - Hashin Seyo metal version
in the far distant future mbegin tune macron one
ma ma ma ma end tune macron one
Skin for winamp selfmade not really finished
The list Macron1's 80's tunes
more sounds..


there are a lot of old toys from when the series was popular and goshogun models/toys are still being made due to the popularity of SuperRobotWars more about toys and models..